Høsnaunga Góðbitar 500g

SKU: 1000029
39,95 kr.
Goymslustøða: Á goymslu

Bløde og en godbid for din hund med kylling. Posen indeholder 500 gram

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Chill Pouffe Zack Earlgrey 50x50x45cm

The "Zack" lounge cushion is a great, thickly padded cushion for your dog or cat. The cushion will cleverly mould itself to the shape of your pet thanks to the tiny polyester-ball filling (which also provides insulation), helping to give your pet a feeling of security. The high quality, soft, corduroy fabric is washable and really comfortable for your dog or cat. The shape and appearance of the "Zack" ensure that it fits perfectly in any home.
359,95 kr. 179,98 kr.