Kettubakki Kato Olivengrønur 39x59x38cm

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Introducing the Kato Olive Green Cat Litter Tray! Made from 98% recycled plastic, with a seamless base and sides to prevent leaks. The high rim keeps splashes at bay and prevents litter from being scattered. It features a large entryway and notches for easy handling. The detachable lid comes with an integrated litter mat, and the rounded corners make cleaning a breeze. Made in Europe.
  • Material: 98% recycled plastic
  • Seamless bottom and sides prevent leakage
  • With high edge design to prevent splashing and cat litter spillage
  • Large access opening on top and built-in handles for easy lifting
  • Removable lid with built-in cat litter mat
  • Easy to clean thanks to the rounded corners
  • Made in Europe