Høsnarhús Castle Cottage 159x158x113cm

Vær opmærksom på de forskellige racer kræver forskellige plads. I hønsehuset behøver der ikke være ret meget plads. Hønsene vil helst sidde tæt på deres siddepinde.
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Type weather-/water-/ IP-resistance:Weatherproof
Weather-/ water-/ IP-resistant:Yes
Breed:Farm animals
Type of closure:Rotary lock
Indication with run:Yes
Number of doors/openings/steps:2
Number type of drawer:1
Number type of hiding place:1
Number type of perch:2
Number type of ramp:1
Place of door/opening:Front
Structure Elements nesting:Laying nest, Night coop, Perch, Ramp, Run, Tray
Features nesting general:Easy to clean, Ramp, Self-assembly, Sleeping area can be closed off from the run, With metal tray, With nesting box, With plastic feet, With sliding door, With ventilation slits, Wooden roof